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Zach Mettenberger Throws Interception To Vinnie Sunseri, Still Haunted By Alabama

One would think that former LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger would be able to put the rivalry with Alabama behind him now that he's an NFL player, but the Tide still seem to be getting the best of the new Tennessee Titan, on and off the field. He's already been "roll-tided a lot" and hit in the face at a bar, and now his personal Alabama bogeyman has followed him on the field.

">August 16, 2014

Mettenberger actually had an impressive outing against the New Orleans Saints. He went 20-for-25, for 269 yards and two touchdowns. Of course, the Titans lost the pre-season game 31-24, and that pick seems to be what's on his mind. Video of Sunseri's interception is available here.