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Video: Dan Mullen Answers Reporter's Question Like A 1950's Mobster

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen was in such a jovial mood after beating Ole Miss that he did a mobster impression.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs have had a rough season, but they salvaged it somewhat with a win on Saturday over their rival Ole Miss, winning handily 55-20.

The star of the blowout was sophomore QB Nick Fitzgerald, who threw for 109 yards and three touchdowns, but rushed for 258 yards(!) and ran for two more scores. It had people wondering: Where the heck did this guy come from? Why wasn't he more heavily recruited?

Dan Mullen was more than happy to answer— all while taking on the role of a 1950's gangster from a black and white movie—for some reason. His use of the cigar as a prop is perfect.

Check it out:

If you couldn't understand what the mobster version of Mullen was saying, he replied that only UT Chattanooga was his recruiting competition when going after Fitzgerald. After yesterday's performance I'm sure plenty of other teams wish they could have a re-do on recruiting him now.