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Dan Mullen Receives Extremely Kind Letter From Conn. Resident Who Stayed In Same Hotel As Miss. St. During Orange Bowl

Dan Mullen recieves letter from other hotel resident complimenting the teams behavior.

Mississippi State Football Letter

Most college kids are rowdy. College football players are college kids, so you would expect many of them to be rowdy, too, especially when they're staying in a hotel. 

Mississippi State's football players are apparently not, though. 

Bulldogs' coach Dan Mullen recently received a letter from a Connecticut resident who stayed in the same Miami hotel as MSU during the Orange Bowl. It reflects extremely well on the Mississippi State football program. 

">@HailStateFB hotel during

I was copied on this letter from a Conn. resident who stayed at @HailStateFB hotel during @OrangeBowl.

— Scott Stricklin (@ScottStricklin) June 26, 2015


— Scott Stricklin (@stricklinMSU) June 26, 2015

Mullen has to love receiving a letter like that.