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An Auburn Player Accidentally Slid Into Mississippi State Live Mascot Bully

Auburn running back slides into Mississippi State mascot Bully.


It has been a tough calendar year for college football's beloved Bulldog mascots. Last year, we saw Uga get into a serious pregame predicament with Texas' Bevo, and now Mississippi State's Bully has gotten far too close to the contact sport.

Early in the game, Auburn running back JaTarvious Whitlow broke a nice 30 yard touchdown run to open scoring. After crossing the goal line, he slid out of bounds, directly into the Mississippi State mascot.

On first glance, it didn't look like Bully was hurt, but having a 210-pound running back slide into you, whether you're a dog or an SEC defender, can't feel good. Video of the play, via USA Today's George Schroeder:

We're all worried about Bully, obviously, so ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe reached out to find out what his status is. It is unclear if he was injured in the collision, but Bully has been removed from the sideline. ESPN also showed a slow motion replay of the collision.

We all hope Bully is okay, and he can make his rightful return to the Davis Wade Stadium sideline soon, and hopefully in a safer location.

It hasn't been a good evening for Mississippi State otherwise, either. The Bulldogs trail Auburn 21-0 early.

The Tigers have scored touchdowns on all three of their possessions against Mississippi State so far.

Update: Phew...Bully's Twitter account has issued an update, and the pup is fine and heading back to the field.

It may not help turn things around for the Bulldogs on the field, but it is good news nevertheless.