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Video: Mississippi State Punter Just Had The Worst Punt Of 2020

Mississippi State punter Tucker Day muffs the punt.


This has been a rough year for almost everyone, so it's somewhat fitting that the worst play of the college football season comes on New Year's Eve.

During the end of the third quarter in the Armed Forces Bowl, Mississippi State punter Tucker Day completely whiffed on a punt with only 40 seconds remaining on the clock. His attempt only traveled one yard.

It's unclear what exactly happened that Day messed up this punt. All we know is that it could prove to be costly in this game since Tulsa recovered the ball well inside Mississippi State territory.

Tulsa ended up scoring a few plays later to close the gap in this game. There's still plenty of time left in the Armed Forces Bowl, but this punt may have shifted momentum.

Here's the punt from Day that will go down as a one-yard attempt:

NFL Network's Rich Eisen had a hilarious response to this punt, tweeting "Looks like my usual pitching wedge."

Mississippi State still leads 21-19 over Tulsa in the fourth quarter. The offense hasn't been nearly as explosive as people expected, as Mike Leach's 'Air Raid' attack only has 108 passing yards up to this point.

If the Bulldogs can't get their offense back on track, they could end up losing this game.

College football fans can catch the rest of the Armed Forces Bowl on ESPN.