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Photo: Little Mississippi State Fan Draws Tyler Russell A Picture, Tells Him She Loves Him

I <3 Tyler.

It's no secret that many college football players are celebrities. We live in a day and age where pretty much everything these athletes do can be seen and heard, and fans are always clamoring to learn more about their favorite players.

While sometimes the nature of being a college celebrity leads to problems, it also can lead to some good -- mainly, when players decide to be good role models. Today, a young fan named Mallory showed up to Mississippi State's Fan Day, and she gave quarterback Tyler Russell a picture that she drew for him. She also told Russell that she loves him.

This was a pretty cool moment, and if nothing else, it served as a reminder to some of the players that they are idolized by kids out there and should set a positive example in the things that they do every day. I won't be surprised if in a few months we hear about this picture still hanging in Russell's locker.