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Top College Football Recruit Chris Jones Tells ESPN He Has Received Death Threats

But not everyone believes him.

The recruiting battle between Ole Miss and Mississippi State has never been more heated. Unfortunately, if we're to believe top recruit Chris Jones, it looks like some fans are going a bit overboard in trying to secure major recruits.

Jones, one of the top defensive end prospects in the country, has been committed to Mississippi State since this past June, but recently took visits to Ole Miss. He told ESPN that his wavering has led to death threats:

“It was a crazy weekend,” Jones said. “I received death threats, insane messages, you name it. I mean it has not been as stressful as people would think it has been. I have tried to handle it in the most comfortable way possible, so it has really been alright for me, and in the end, I am very blessed to have this opportunity to play for either in-state school.”

But as SBNation's Bud Elliott points out, you can't necessarily take Jones at face value after he lied about whether or not he was visiting Ole Miss in the first place.

If what Jones said is true, it's appalling to hear that anyone would stoop this low. One of the negatives of the social media boom is that fans often feel they can say whatever they want to players with no consequences. Hopefully both schools look into the incident and address the issue.