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Minnesota Vikings Prank Laquon Treadwell By Putting 60,000 Bags Of Fruit Snacks In His Car

Chances are, you like fruit snacks. But you might not have the need for 60,000 bags of fruit snacks - especially not in your car. Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Laquon Treadwell now has enough bags of fruit snacks to feed a small army.

Wednesday, Treadwell posted a photo to Instagram that shows his teammates - namely Teddy Bridgewater and Kyle Rudolph - pulling off a rookie prank. They somehow filled his car with 60,000 bags of fruit snacks.

">June 15, 2016

Was the preparation worth the joke here? We're not so sure. We're also not sure what he's going to do with all of this food - let's hope he finds a good cause.