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Nick Saban Submitted Complaint About Ole Miss Pop-Pass Touchdown To SEC Office

Ole Miss doing a pop pass downfield against Alabama.


Ole Miss made a number of huge plays down the stretch to knock off Alabama in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, including this 73-yard pop-pass touchdown from Chad Kelly to Cody Core to extend the Rebels lead to 36-24. 

">September 20, 2015

The touchdown was controversial initially, as many felt that Kelly was past the line of scrimmage when he released the pass. Replay showed that he had not fully crossed the line, and the play stood. That wasn't the only questionable part of the play. Alabama has submitted it to the SEC offices for review, due to Rebels linemen being more than the allowed three yards down the field. 

">September 20, 2015 has more from the Alabama head coach:

“These plays get blocked just like running plays, and people are running down the field,” Saban said on the SEC coaches teleconference. “So it looks like a run, but somebody’s running out for a pass. Hey, we work on these plays, we should cover them, we know what the rules are. We have to execute and do it correctly, which we did not.


“We always submit, as coaches, things for the benefit of helping our officials do the best job they possibly can, which I know they want to do in a game,” he said. “We always get comments back, and they use those things to try to improve what they do. Some of this is a concern. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do it better in the future. I think we have a lot of good people in charge of officiating that’ll do the best they can to get it right.”

The play is about as tough for officials as it is for defenders. The option look sucks in defenders, and the linemen down field are completely legal until Kelly chooses to release the ball when he sees Core wide open down the sideline. Once he throws, however, Ole Miss absolutely could have been flagged on the play. With these pop passes becoming more and more popular, expect referees to be more vigilant about this call.