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Ole Miss Reportedly To Give Each Game Of The Regular Season A 'Bowl Game' Name

Ole Miss will apparently give each regular season game a "bowl game" style name in light of its postseason ban.

Ole Miss is banned from the postseason in 2017, but that's not enough to stop Hugh Freeze and and his staff from using their imagination to craft their own bowl games, apparently. In 2017, each regular season game will be treated like a bowl game and given its own name, according to WCBI's Robby Donoho.

Check it out:

That's, uh, interesting, to say the least.

This season, the Rebels will take on their usual docket of SEC West teams, which would make for some fun bowl names, but they also have non-conference match-ups against South Alabama, UT Martin and UL Lafayette.

I'm sure rival fans already have plenty of jokes lined up, especially if the Rebels insist on actually going through with this. More than anything else, it seems like a great way for Ole Miss football to get roasted on social media. Every loss the Rebels suffer would be extra hilarious, and that alone makes it a bad idea.

Maybe it's just an effort to get players fired up for a year with no real postseason, but a bowl-game style matchup against South Alabama isn't really going to fill that void.