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Lawyer For Former Ole Miss Assistant AD Says School's "As Close To Death Penalty As You Can Get"

Ole Miss is one of a few big programs staring down the barrel of potentially major NCAA penalties. An attorney for one of the scandal's central figures says the school is brushing up against the 'death penalty.'

Bruse Loyd, who represents former Ole Miss assistant athletic director Barney Farrar, spoke to 44News' JoJo Gentry about the Ole Miss situation. Farrar is implicated in four Level I charges against Ole Miss, the most serious that the NCAA levies.

From 44News:

-Providing lodging and transportation to Ole Miss Football recruits worth $2,200, and meals worth $235

-Providing false information knowingly about recruiting violations when asked by the NCAA and Ole Miss Football

-Boosters contacting one athlete committed to another NCAA football program, and allowed a cash payment(s) to that athlete worth $13-15,000

-Distributing athletic gear, courtesy of a company owned by an Ole Miss booster, to recruits

In Gentry's video report, Loyd doesn't parse words with how serious the allegations against Ole Miss are, most of which the school is reportedly expected to deny.

Via Saturday Down South:

“It is as close to a death penalty as you can get without having that actually happen,” Loyd said. “Coach Farrar has been questioned extensively, in fact, five times by the NCAA about those allegations.”

According to Loyd, Ole Miss is in this situation after failing to follow the NCAA’s rules and is concerned his client has become singled out by the school as a possible scapegoat for the many alleged violations.

The responses to the Ole Miss Notice of Allegations are expected to be released later this week, according to the report.