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Ole Miss Fan Makes It Clear That She Got Pregnant The Night The Rebels Beat Alabama

When Ole Miss defeated Alabama this past year, the party was on in Oxford. Heck, Katy Perry got involved. Some people apparently even made some life-changing decisions in the aftermath.

Heather Callihan, of Oxford, used Facebook to unveil her pregnancy in a very clever way this past weekend. In her right hand, she held a sign that read "23-17", the score of the contest. In her left hand, she held a sign that read "This is what happens when Ole Miss beats Bama." The game was played back on October 4, so if she's telling the truth, she's around seven months pregnant. We're not sure we've seen a better way to announce a pregnancy.

Posted by Heather Callihan on Saturday, May 2, 2015

In all seriousness - we wish Heather and her family the best. Props for the creativity - they're going to go down as Ole Miss legends.