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Ole Miss' Laremy Tunsil Sued By Stepfather For Defamation Day Before NFL Draft

Tomorrow, Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil will likely be selected in the first five picks of the NFL Draft, making him a future millionaire. Today, he was sued by his stepfather for defamation. 

Last summer, Tunsil was arrested for allegedly punching his stepfather, Lindsay Miller, while protecting his mother. Following the incident, Miller alleged that Tunsil was meeting with agents that night. The star tackle wound up being suspended for seven games to start the season for impermissible benefits.

The Clarion-Ledgerhas details on the suit:

A lawsuit filed late Tuesday afternoon at the Lafayette County Courthouse by Miller’s attorney, Matthew Wilson, alleges that Tunsil attacked Miller last June and that Tunsil defamed Miller’s character. The lawsuit alleges these two things were an “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”


Miller’s lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, attorney fees, pre- and post-judgment interest and all costs associated with the suit because of “past, present, and future bodily injury, pain & suffering, severe emotional distress, medical costs, damage to reputation, and/or other types of damages that he has incurred (and will likely continue to incur).”

Obviously, none of us were with the family that night, but the timing on this suit is incredibly suspicious.

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