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Ole Miss Linebacker C.J. Johnson Has A Message To Rebels' Fans Who Sport The Confederate Flag

ESPN, propelled by Eric Striker's viral reaction to the racist Oklahoma frat video, talked to 13 people involved with college football on the topic of race and its interaction with the sport. 

The best response probably comes from Ole Miss linebacker C.J. Johnson. 

Johnson, a senior linebacker from Mississippi, has a message to Rebels' fans and students who sport the Confederate flag on campus. 

"It sickens me when I see [a Confederate flag] on people's cars on campus. If you have the Confederate flag on your vehicle, you have a problem. And I don't care if it's socially what you believe in or it's morally what you believe in or you're just doing it for s---s and giggles. It's just the fact of what it stands for. It's almost like you might as well put a tag on the front of your car that says 'n-----.' That's really what it boils down to. You might as well just put a big tag on the front of your car or hang a big flag on the back of your car and just say the N-word."

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