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Report: Ole Miss Provided Evidence That Rival Mississippi State Paid Player's Family During NCAA Investigation

Ole Miss and Mississippi players need to separated by an official.

Ole Miss released video detailing its major NCAA violations on Wednesday. According to a report, Ole Miss supplied evidence that rival Mississippi State paid a player that it landed over the Rebels.

Ole Miss has already self-imposed a bowl ban, and is surrendering post-season payouts, which could reach around $7 million.

The allegations, which include the serious Level I "lack of institutional control" from the NCAA, could produce very serious penalties for the Rebels program. It looks like the program could drag the rival Bulldogs into the issue as well.

From Rivals' Rebel Grove:

The NCAA levied seven new Level I violations, including the lack of institutional control and the head coach responsibility failure against Freeze. One of those charges, one that Ole Miss said it still needs to investigate, accused a booster of arranging a payment of $13,000-15,000 to then-prospect/current Mississippi State linebacker Leo Lewis. We’ll get to the obvious implications of that in a bit, but that charge alone is damning stuff.

Ole Miss is disputing allegations that former prospects (we’re pretty sure including Lewis and Mississippi State teammate Kobe Jones) received $2,800 in benefits from an Oxford establishment (Rebel Rags) and an allegation that a prospect received meals from an Oxford restaurant valued at between $200 and $600.

Both players reportedly have immunity from the NCAA for speaking, and the report says that Lewis "had sung about his recruiting." More interestingly, Ole Miss reportedly provided evidence that the Mississippi State linebacker's mother told them that she had received payment for her son to flip from the Rebels to the Bulldogs.

Ole Miss, per multiple sources, possesses a recording, and has given the SEC a copy, of Lewis’ mother asking Ole Miss for money and detailing incentives she received from other programs, including Mississippi State.

If this manages to spin into an NCAA investigation into Mississippi State, this could get even nastier than it already is.

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