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Pornhub Trolls Chad Kelly, Offers Him Chance To Date A Porn Star

Pornhub has offered Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly a chance to date a porn star.

In the weirdest news you'll hear all day, Pornhub trolled Chad Kelly by offering him a chance to go on a date with a porn star. Kelly once again made headlines after the Ole Miss quarterback slid into Mia Khalifa's DMs. The former adult film actress put Kelly on blast after his most recent attempts to contact her.

Pornhub took notice of Kelly's latest attempts to contact Khalifa and is sending him this letter.

Kelly would not be able to accept the offer until after his graduation, otherwise the NCAA would deem Kelly as accepting improper benefits. Pornhub, the forward thinking company that it is, took that into account when saying the offer extends beyond Kelly's time at Ole Miss.

Will he accept the opportunity and stop sliding into Mia Khalifa's DMs?