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Robert Nkemdiche Told To Stop 'Killing People' In Arizona Cardinals' Rookie Mini-Camp

Darron Lee isn't the only rookie defensive player who went a little too hard in his first day of mini-camp. 

The former Ohio State linebacker, who tackled a teammate during a New York Jets' non-contact drill, has company in former Ole Miss defensive lineman/current Arizona Cardinal Robert Nkemdiche. 

Arizona head coach Bruce Arians reportedly had to tell Nkemdiche to stop "killing people" during practice. 

">May 6, 2016


“He was killing people in walk-through and I had to slow him down; it’s a walk-through and he’s bench-pressing linemen already,” he said. “But yeah, he’s got great first-step quickness, all the things we thought we saw.”

Arians said he had a chat with Nkemdiche about settling down some, joking that he told the rookie if he gets fined for making practice too physical it’s coming out of the rookie’s check.

“And he slowed down all of a sudden,” Arians added with a smile.

Much like Lee's situation with the Jets, we're guessing the Cardinals' coaches actually kind of like that Nkemdiche, the team's first round pick, was making things a little too physical during the mini-camp.

As long as nobody gets hurt, that is.