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The Best of Marshall Henderson's Twitter Account

Prepare to be entertained.

Marshall Henderson has become a polarizing figure in college basketball. Now he, along with his Ole Miss squad, is headed to the NCAA Tournament. Will he give the country a few more thrills before his season is over? There's a good chance when Henderson takes the court that something crazy will happen, and the same goes for his Twitter account. 

A player of Henderson's caliber and attitude is bound to have a lot of haters on Twitter. He doesn't let them bother him, but he also never backs down. He's a player fans love to hate, and he loves when people hate him. One person on Twitter accused him of being vulnerable of getting a DUI. But Henderson said that wasn't possible...

I guess Henderson isn't worried about drinking and driving because he never has to drive. He's got people for that. 

Henderson and Ole Miss won the SEC Championship yesterday over Florida. 

Some fans imagine Henderson celebrating with his favorite beer, Coors. 

But there's a side to Henderson that not many respect. It appears, based on his Twitter account, that he's quite religious. 

And he has an incredible amount of school spirit, supporting many of the other athletic teams on campus.

So maybe we have this Henderson guy all misunderstood. Maybe his on-court persona is nothing like the one off the court. It seems to me that Henderson is just a guy who loves hanging with friends, and watching his favorite television show...

He even has great hygiene...