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Watch: Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze Had Zero Desire To Answer Questions About NCAA Investigation

Hugh Freeze has no time for your inquiries about his program's improprieties.

Ole Miss is in the middle of an NCAA investigation. The Rebels have a self-imposed bowl ban in place for this season, and are facing nearly two dozen violations, most of them serious.

As you might imagine, Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze isn't the happiest camper. He certainly wasn't this morning, when he was asked about the ongoing drama.

Speaking at what looks like some sort of golf tournament, Freeze was asked how "anxious or eager” Ole Miss is to “get over this NCAA sanctions stuff."

His response:

Okay then. It is hard to believe that Freeze didn't think there was at least a possibility he would be asked about this.

This situation isn't going anywhere anytime soon, either, so he is going to be dealing with these questions for a while.