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Big 12 Players Polled At Media Days Want Conference To Expand, Add Texas A&M And BYU

Should the Big 12 expand from the current 10 team league? The player representatives at this week's media days overwhelmingly favor expansion, though their preferred options might be a bit unrealistic. ESPNpolled the more than 20 players in Dallas this week, and 88 percent want the league to add teams. Here are the results:

Should the Big 12 expand and add more schools?

Yes: 88 percent

No: 12 percent

Name at least one school you would add to the Big 12.

Texas A&M: 22 percent

BYU: 17 percent

Houston: 11 percent

Nebraska: 11 percent

Also receiving votes: Arkansas, Boise State, Missouri, Oregon, Texas State, UCF, USC

If the Big 12 does add teams, Boise State, BYU, Houston, and UCF are all possible options. A return of Missouri, Nebraska, or Texas A&M, or poaching the Pac-12 for Oregon or USC? Don't expect that to happen.