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Bill Walton Returns To Announcing; He Was Missed

Throw it down big man!

On Friday night, UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad showed why he will be a NBA lottery pick this summer, and Mizzou’s Phil Pressey proved he is one of the best point guards in the country. 

However, the big story from the thrilling game was the return of Bill Walton to ESPN. Walton made his first appearance on the World Wide Leader since 2009 and a lot of people chimed in on Twitter.

I always thought Walton was a terrible announcer. And when I started watching on Friday, those feelings resurfaced. But I had a change of heart at halftime. I realized Walton is a crazy guy and his style is to say whatever is on his mind. I began to appreciate him and decided that I will continue to watch/listen to him call games on ESPN.

Plus, it's easy to create a great Bill Walton drinking game - just make sure to start by including rules whenever he says “beautiful pace” and “pretty boys”.