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Central Florida Look-A-Likes

What goes around comes around.
A man holding a UCF flag in the air.

ORLANDO, FL - DECEMBER 2: A UCF Knights spirit team member waves the flag after a score in the third quarter of the AAC Championship against the Memphis Tigers at Spectrum Stadium on December 2, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

This week on a message board, members posted Mizzou look-a-likes. Some were very funny and clever.

Here is our response, with Central Florida look-a-likes.

Jeff Godrey = Usain Bolt 

Jordan Ozerities = Rick Gonzalez

Micah Anderson = Keenan Thompson

Taylor Oldham = Mac Miller 

Jacques Mackeroy = Tim Meadows

Shawn Moffitt = Machine Gun Kelly

Cam Henderson = LeBron James 

Tyler Linde = Rob Gronkowski

Brynn Harvey = Michael Vick

Colby Watson = Mikey from Recess 

Brendan Kelly = Fred Weasley

Scott Teal = George Weasley

One last comparison: Check out the UCF website right now. Big games call for big crowds? Seriously, is that the best marketing plan you have to convince over 58,000 students to come to a game? This is the kind of advertising that you would see in Lawrence, Kansas.