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ESPN Put Together A Bracket Of The 12 Best SEC Quarterbacks Of All-Time

Who is the best quarterback of all-time in the Southeastern Conference? We're about to find out what fans think about the question, at least. Friday, Paul Finebaum of the SEC Network unveiled a 12-man bracket - in honor of March Madness - for fans to vote on regarding the topic. It includes a number of recent players - and a number of legends.

The No. 1 seed? Former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who now works for the network. Peyton Manning, Danny Wuerffel and Cam Newton are the next three seeds. Manning is competing against both his brother - Eli - and his father - Archie. Weird. Johnny Manziel also makes an appearance.

Clearly, this is based on accomplishments in college - since the NFL careers of Tebow and Manning - for example - aren't really equal.


Voting starts Monday

— Paul Finebaum (@finebaum)

The #SECQBs bracket is complete with #1 seed @TimTebow!

Voting starts Monday

— Paul Finebaum (@finebaum) March 11, 2016

">March 11, 2016

What do you think, SEC fans? Which player is the best signal-caller of all-time in the conference?