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ESPN's Greg McElroy: "There Are Two Things In This World, The SEC And Everyone Else"

This past weekend, the SEC posted a ridiculous 12-1 record, which most likely would have actually been 13-1 if LSU's game against McNeese State hadn't been cancelled. The league posted a number of big-time wins, including Alabama over Wisconsin, South Carolina over North Carolina, Auburn over Louisville and Texas A&M over Arizona State. The overall performance of the conference has both fans and analysts talking, yet again. One - admittedly biased because he works for the SEC Network - made quite a bold statement on Twitter Saturday night.

Check this out from ESPN's Greg McElroy, a former Alabama quarterback.

Top-to-bottom, it's hard to argue that the SEC isn't the best league in the country. But a certain fan base up in Columbus, Ohio, might take exception to McElroy's statement. It's going to be fascinating to watch this season play out.