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Former Missouri Wide Receiver T.J. Moe Calls Out People Wanting Gary Pinkel To Be Fired

After winning the SEC East in back-to-back seasons, the Missouri football program is having a down season. The Tigers are 4-4, 1-4 in the SEC and have lost three straight games. 

A portion of Missouri's fan base would like the Tigers to get rid of Gary Pinkel, who's been the team's head coach since 2001. Search "Pinkel fired" on Twitter and you get a decent amount of tweets from upset Mizzou fans. 

Former Missouri wide receiver T.J. Moe has a message to those people: you are "NUTS." 

">October 28, 2015

It does seem insane to call for a coach who won his SEC division two of the first three seasons his team was in the conference to be fired. Pinkel, in 15 seasons in Columbia, has posted a career 117-70 record. 

Missouri has a bye Saturday and is set to take on Mississippi State Nov. 5.