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Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder: 2 Teams That Have Left Big 12 Want Back In

With Big 12 expansion back in the headlines, most of the focus is on teams like BYU and Cincinnati, with the assumption that the league will be drawing from outside of the other "Power Five" conferences. The Big 12's most established head coach thinks that expansion could come by way of reunion, however. At Big 12 Media Days, Kansas State's Bill Snyder told Heartland College Sports' Cameron Brock that he knows of two former Big 12 schools that want back in.

“I may be wrong and other people may see it differently, but I don’t think anyone could be in a better situation than the teams we have in our conference,” Snyder said. “I’ll tell you what. There are teams that left our conference right now that wish they could get back in our conference.”

Snyder did not mention which schools want to rejoin, but he did respond to a follow-up question by saying “Two I know of”.

In recent years, the Big 12 lost Colorado to the Pac-12, Nebraska to the Big Ten, and Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC. Would any of those teams want out of their more stable leagues and back into the Big 12? The two SEC schools seem fairly unlikely, and while Nebraska left behind its natural recruiting grounds and rivalries for the Big Ten, the Huskers' new home provides a big paycheck. Colorado has struggled mightily on the gridiron in recent years, but those struggles extend back into the program's time in the Big 12.

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