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Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith Is About To Receive An NCAA Notice Of Allegations For Unethical Conduct In Shapiro Case

Bad news.

Scoop: Frank Haith will likely be charged with a notice of unethical conduct and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance as early as this week, reports CBS Sports.

Significance: Frank Haith began coaching the No. 22 ranked Missouri Tigers last year after coaching the Miami Hurricanes from 2004-2011. If he is found guilty of these expected NCAA charges, he could face a lengthy show-cause penalty. This means that any school that wants to hire him would have to "show cause" to make the hire. Any such school could be penalized for hiring a coach under the show-cause restriction. 

Story: It all started when Frank Haith was still a coach in Miami. Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, who is curently serving a 20-year sentence for a massive Ponzi scheme, made allegations that Haith knew about Shapiro's $10,000 payment to a member of DeQuan Jones's family to secure the player's commitment. The NCAA could not prove these allegations, which came in August of 2011, but they can prove unethical conduct. Allegedly, Haith and his staff paid Shapiro's mother a sum of $10,000 that was supposedly intended to be camp money.

As for the charge of failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance, that is a result of two Miami players receiving impermissible airline benefits and also Shapiro's interaction with players. Three of Haith's previous assistants will also be charged, including former assistant Jake Morton. The people charged will have 90 days to respond to the inquiry and will likely face a hearing in June.