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Mizzou Sends Heartwarming "Proud Of You" Tweet To Michael Sam After He Comes Out

Earlier Sunday night, former Mizzou defensive end Michael Sam, who will be entering this year's upcoming NFL draft, officially announced that he is gay. Sam, should be he taken by an NFL team in May (he's projected as a mid-round pick), will become the league's first openly gay player. 

It's been reported by the New York Times that Sam's teammates were all aware (and fully supportive) of his sexual orientation this past season. And judging from the below tweet, sent out by Mizzou's official Twitter account, the school supports him as well. Check out this heartwarming tweet that the school released Sunday night.

">@MikeSamFootball! #OneMizzou

— Mizzou (@Mizzou)

We support Tigers of all stripes at Mizzou. Proud of you @MikeSamFootball! #OneMizzou

— Mizzou (@Mizzou) February 10, 2014

">February 10, 2014

It's going to be a long and difficult road ahead for Sam, but it seems like he's got a great support system behind him.