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Mizzou Trolls Kansas On Twitter With Congratulatory Tweet To Stanford

Missouri and Kansas may not play in the same conference anymore, but the Border War is alive and well online following Kansas' upset loss to Stanford earlier this afternoon. Just a few minutes after the game went final, someone sent out this tweet from Missouri's official Twitter account.

">@Stanford on a fine NCAA Tournament win! — Mizzou (@Mizzou)

Congrats to @Stanford on a fine NCAA Tournament win!

— Mizzou (@Mizzou) March 23, 2014

">March 23, 2014

Missouri, of course, missed this year's tournament completely after a 23-11 season and 9-9 SEC record, as I'm sure droves of Jayhawks fans are reminding them right now.

Once again, we really need these two to get on the court again. Make it happen, schools.