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Optimistic Mizzou Fans Have Declared Jay Wright Their New Coach On Wikipedia

Missouri's basketball coaching search has been kept very quiet, but that never stops rampant fan speculation. Missouri blog Rock M Nation has been following the search closely, and while it seems like Ben Howland and Central Missouri's Kim Anderson are the two most commonly discussed names, they had some fun with every college sports conspiracy theorist's favorite tool—FlightAware.

The post shows a private flight from Philadelphia to Columbia, MO, and the joking implication was that Jay Wright was visiting Missouri. That was enough for at least one Mizzou fan, who took the time to update Jay Wright's Wikipedia page declaring him the new Tigers coach. Amazingly, the section hadn't been removed when this post was started, but Wikipedia has just now taken it down.

Unfortunately for Mizzou fans, the rumor seems to be completely false.