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Photo: The North "Rock M" Endzone At Missouri's Faurot Field Is Looking Good After Renovations

Almost done.

Last June, the University of Missouri announced that it would be undertaking a $72 million project to renovate Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium. The stadium will be significantly expanded over the course of several phases.

Of course, fans were extra concerned about the fate of the famous north endzone that features the "Rock M" on the berm -- it has recently been renovated and still looks pretty awesome. This photo was tweeted out by Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star:

The "Rock M" has now been moved about 60-80 feet closer to the field, been encased by a brick wall, and it has been touched up with fresh paint as well. Here's a short video of how it looked just a few weeks ago while under construction:

We are excited to see what it looks like when completely finished, but it looks like school has done a good job of renovating while still keeping the traditional look.