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Photos: Mizzou Students Form Human Wall To Block Westboro Baptist Church Protestors From Michael Sam

It isn't just the university and its football program who are standing up for Michael Sam - it's the students too. Saturday, Missouri undergrads formed a wall around Mizzou Arena to block protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church from getting near the facility. Sam, who announced to the world just last week that he is gay, was being honored at halftime by the school for his accomplishments on the football field - he won SEC Defensive Player of the Year this past season.


— Brandon Foster (@BFoster91)

#StandWithSam supporters sang the alma mater with their backs to the WBC.

— Brandon Foster (@BFoster91) February 15, 2014

">February 15, 2014

">February 15, 2014

Sam took to Twitter to give some love back to the students. Bravo all around.