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Report: Michael Sam Declines ESPN Coverage During Draft

Back in February, former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, who won Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC, came out to the public, making it seem likely that the NFL was going to have its first openly gay player in the league. But just a few months later, it looks like Sam may not even be drafted - and it has nothing to do with his sexuality. It was reported this week by numerous sources that Sam may not be drafted or even signed as a free agent - due to a perceived lack of athleticism.

As such, when approached by both ESPN and the NFL Network to have camera coverage during the draft, Sam declined.

">May 6, 2014

You can't blame Sam - there'd be nothing worse than having a camera crew follow you around for three days, only to not be drafted or signed. That being said, if Sam does make it on the field this fall, he'll have no choice but to deal with a media circus. Let's hope he pulls it off.