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Report: One School In The SEC Is Hiring Staffers To Text Recruits Over 100 Times Per Day

That's a lot.

Sure, big-time college football recruits like the attention they get from schools courting them. But this may be overboard.

CBS' Jeremy Fowler reported this morning via Twitter that a head coach told him of an SEC team that was hiring employees whose sole job functions are to text top recruits - 100 to 150 times per day.

Of course, Ole Miss is the first school that comes to mind - but that doesn't mean it's the Rebels. Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina have been pulling in top recruiting classes for years as well. And there's always a chance that one of the bottom-dwellers of the SEC could be pulling out all the stops in an attempt to move itself up the standings.

But really though, 150 texts per day? If that's spread out across numerous athletes, then maybe - but if we're talking about 150 per day per recruit, that's crazy. Furthermore, it's not like it's the head coach texting you nonstop - it's an employee they hired for the sole purpose of texting you. That's weird, right?