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Report: SEC Pulled In $527.4 Million In First Year Of SEC Network, College Football Playoff

There weren't many in college athletics who thought that either the SEC Network or the College Football Playoff wouldn't be successful ventures. But the SEC's latest revenue numbers will still surprise you.

According to a report by USA TODAY Sports, the SEC, in its most recent financials (from August, 2015), posted revenue of $527.4 million. That number is 60% higher than the previous year. Here's more:

The return, which the conference provided Thursday in response to a request from USA TODAY Sports, also shows that SEC had $527.4 million in total revenue for a fiscal year that ended Aug. 31, 2015. That was the first fiscal year in which the conference began receiving money from the formation of the SEC Network and from the new College Football Playoff.

USA TODAY Sports adds that conference commissioner Mike Slive made $3,655,576 in total compensation. Each school received a payout of $31.2 million - for a total of $455.8 million.

Obviously, these numbers are ridiculous. Will they rise in 2015-2016? Or will the poor playoff ratings cause a drop?