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SEC, ESPN Strike 20-Year Deal For "SEC Network", Launching In 2014

SEC strikes monster deal with ESPN.

The Southeastern Conference had a press conference today with ESPN to announce the debut of the much anticipated SEC Network. The network will launch in the fall of 2014 and be headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The 24-hour home of SEC content will feature more than 1,000 live events across all sports, including 45 football games. This ensures fans will never have to worry about ordering pay-per-view early season games against FCS schools anymore. Over 450 live games will be televised, including men's and women's basketball and olympic sports. It will also brodcast all other games on a platform similar to ESPN3. Similar to the Big Ten Network, the SEC Network will be allowed to air games other networks originally air. This allows the network to re-air premiere games covered on CBS or Fox.

Another huge talking point is the agreement made with AT&T U-Verse to become a national distributor. This is important because the Pac-12 Network and Longhorn Network have had problems having cable providers pick up their networks. The agreement already guarantees that at least one cable provider has already signed on and the association with ESPN will likely lead to more. The 20-year deal with ESPN has many within SEC country excited for the launch and the increased exposure should help improve the already strong conference.

Here are what some people were saying about the launch today: