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South Carolina's Frank Martin Calls Thought That SEC Basketball Is Weak "A Fallacy And A Myth"

Everyone knows and respects the powerhouses that Billy Donovan and John Calipari have built at Florida and Kentucky, respectively. Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Missouri, and other SEC schools have also had their moments. However, when lining up the best power conferences in basketball, the SEC is often regarded as one of the weaker leagues in Division I. South Carolina's Frank Martin has coached in the league for two seasons, and with his record at 28-38 with the Gamecocks, he certainly has a different view of the SEC.

">June 30, 2014

For what its worth, in CBS's conference RPI rankings, the SEC has only finished in the top five twice in five years. The league only had three teams make the tournament in 2013-14. Maybe the view of the league is a little skewed, but the evidence seems to back it up. It's a bit funny that there are complaints, because few people challenge the notion that the SEC is far and away the best football conference, which is built on similar measures.