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USA Today Oddsmaker Claims That The Backups From Five SEC Schools Would Go Undefeated In The Big Ten

USA Today oddsmaker and analyst Danny Sheridan said quite possibly the dumbest thing said on sports radio this year during an appearance on the Arkansas-based "Sports Talk With Bo Mattingly" earlier today. Sheridan claimed that the backups from five SEC schools would each go undefeated if they each played in the Big Ten.

">August 6, 2014

Steve Spurrier's lighthearted jab at the Big Ten from earlier this week suddenly seems tame. Of course, this assertion by Sheridan is completely asinine, as he implies that SEC backups from multiple schools would be able to run the table in a conference that features schools like Ohio State and Michigan State. If you go off of the USA Today preseason poll, there are only two teams -- Alabama and Auburn -- that are ranked higher than the Buckeyes and the Spartans. 

By that logic, Sheridan is saying that Ohio State and Michigan State, along with some of the other quality teams in the conference like Nebraska and Wisconsin, not only couldn't hang with the starters of five SEC teams, but that they couldn't hang with their backups, either. He's also saying that these backups, who probably don't have very much game experience, can beat seasoned, talented teams that have played in conference title games and bowl games.

No matter how you slice it, Sheridan is wrong. Unfortunately, there's no way to really test the accuracy of his theory, as there are only two games between Big Ten and SEC teams this season: LSU/Wisconsin in Houston on August 30, and Indiana at Missouri on September 20. Maybe an SEC team will meet a Big Ten team in the College Football Playoff so we can settle this at the end of the season.