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Western Carolina's Coach Shreds Kirk Herbstreit For Criticizing SEC Teams That Schedule FCS Opponents

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit was critical of the SEC on Saturday's episode of College GameDay. Herbstreit said that it was embarrassing that five teams in the best conference in college football had games scheduled against FCS opponents this late in the season, and called it the "worst thing that goes on in college football."

One of the coaches of those FCS opponents didn't take too kindly to Herbstreit's remarks. Western Carolina's Mark Speir never directly referenced Herbstreit, but said that the ESPN analyst didn't know what he was talking about, and called him a "primadonna state quarterback."

"A guy had a silver spoon in his mouth all his life, Ohio State, primadonna state quarterback talking about, 'It's an embarrassment,'" Speir said. "He ain't ever coached."

Speir went on to say that he hopes America "doesn't listen to a guy who sits behind a mike that hasn't ever done it, with that silver spoon in his mouth, he never had probably a bloody nose or a callous like some of these guys."

Western Carolina played Alabama on Saturday, and the Crimson Tide took down Catamounts, 48-14.