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SEC Reportedly Has Preferred Conference Schedule After Adding Oklahoma, Texas

Oklahoma and Texas aren't set to join the SEC until 2025. And yet, the conference is already considering a potential change to its schedule for that season. 

According to Chris Low of ESPN, the SEC could increase its conference schedule to nine games once Oklahoma and Texas are officially aboard.  

Administrators and coaches from the SEC believe the league could adopt a 3-6 format for its schedule. 

An athletic director for an SEC program stated two reasons why a nine-game conference schedule would be beneficial to all parties involved. 

"Going to nine games not only adds value for TV, but protects season ticket sales, donations and College Football Playoff access for more teams," an SEC athletic director told ESPN

Additionally, a nine-game schedule would ensure that more rivalry games are played each season. And of course, that would mean more revenue for those teams. 

SEC coaches are reportedly hopeful the new scheduling model is finalized before the 2022 season comes to an end.