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ESPN Names The Toughest Schedule In College Football In 2019

Football's with South Carolina's logo on them.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The college football season is still months away, but that doesn't mean we can't get an early preview on which teams will face tough schedules. Although the majority of top programs face tough competition on a weekly basis, ESPN believes there is one team that has the hardest schedule in the nation.

South Carolina doesn't begin the season with grueling games, as it'll battle against North Carolina and Charleston Southern. However, the road certainly gets worse as the year goes on.

Will Muschamp will have to prepare the Gamecocks for a tough stretch that features Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida. All five of those teams should provide a challenge for South Carolina.

To make matters worse, the Gamecocks finish the season with a rivalry game against the Clemson Tigers. It won't be an easy task to defeat the defending champions.

After viewing the top opponents on South Carolina's schedule, it's not too shocking to see that ESPN named it the program with the toughest schedule.

From ESPN:

It's no surprise given that the Gamecocks face both participants in last season's national championship game (in addition to playing a road contest at Georgia), but Will Muschamp and his team are staring at the hardest schedule in college football. As a result, the Gamecocks are projected to win only 6.1 games despite being FPI's No. 18-ranked team.

On the flip side, the Virginia Tech Hokies have the weakest schedule among major conferences, per ESPN.