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Jadeveon Clowney Responds To Criticism On Twitter

Love this guy.

While South Carolina easily handled UNC to kick off its 2013 season, much of the attention from the matchup has been centered aroundGamecocks defensive star Jadeveon Clowney, who often looked winded between snaps. Many sportswriters and analysts have even gone as far as to remove him from the Heisman race - a move that seems a bit premature.

Clowney has obviously heard the criticism, as today he took to Twitter to let the world know his thoughts on the situation.

While it's certainly encouraging to see Clowney spreading positivity, the fact that he publicly tweeted anything on the matter means he's bothered to some degree by the criticism.

SC fans - does Clowney's conditioning need work? Or was the combo of UNC's up-tempo offense and the August heat to blame for his fatigue?