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Photo: South Carolina Kicker Elliott Fry Claims To Have Shattered This Car's Windshield With A "Bomb" Field Goal

If you grew up playing Little League baseball, then you've probably seen a foul ball fly into the parking lot and shatter some poor soul's windshield. Well, according to South Carolina sophomore kicker Elliott Fry, that can happen with a football too, should you leave your automobile near the goalposts of a practice field. Fry posted a photo of a shattered windshield that he claims to be responsible for after dropping one of his "bombs" over the netting.


— Elliott fry (@elliott_fry22)

Need to start quarantining off the practice area... Dropping too many bombs #specialists@Fat_Pish18 @RyCulbertson58

— Elliott Fry (@elliott_fry22) August 4, 2014

">August 4, 2014

We asked Fry whose car it was - he said he has "no clue."

You've been warned, university personnel. Steer clear from parking anywhere near where you can see goalposts on South Carolina's campus.