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Photo: South Carolina May Be Joining The Shiny Chrome Helmet Parade

Time to shine.

In the past week or so, teams have really decided to raise the bar when it comes to helmets. Last night, Miami (OH) released the best uniforms we've seen all offseason with new Adidas Techfit jerseys and wild new helmets. We've also seen numerous chrome helmets, from traditional chrome at Ole Miss, Western Kentucky, and Memphis, to gold versions at Mississippi State, Washington, and Baylor -- in 2013, shinier is better.

Now it appears that the South Carolina Gamecocks are stepping into the chrome ring too:

Now, we also heard rumblings of this a few months ago with a slightly different version of the helmet:

Maybe this is something that the South Carolina equipment staff is trying to perfect, but the shimmery red facemask is a good look, in my opinion. Hopefully the Gamecocks get to don these lids in the fall.