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Report: South Carolina Reports Ridiculous Violations, Including "Impermissible Iced Decorations" On A Cookie Cake

College athletes may be able to put cream cheese on their bagels without concern now, but there are still plenty of ridiculous secondary NCAA violations that programs must self-report. South Carolina reported 22 secondary violations, including seven from the football program. Some are pretty comical.

One infraction from last winter involved impermissible iced decorations on a cookie cakes given to prospects. Another occurred when the team laid out trophies and jerseys on a table inside the locker room, which is against NCAA rules since trophies aren't generally in locker rooms.

The icing on cookie cakes being a violation is pretty much a perfect representation of how crazy some of the rules are. Luckily, the Gamecocks are unlikely to get in any trouble for something so trivial.