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Ron Jaworski Calls Jadeveon Clowney "LeBron James With A Helmet On"

Jadeveon Clowney has his detractors, but it is hard to argue against his raw athleticism and potential as an athlete. The South Carolina defensive end has been impressing scouts with his workouts this off-season, and despite a lackluster final season in Columbia, he still has a very good shot at being the Texans' selection as the first overall pick in the draft.

ESPN's Ron Jaworski took the next logical step in hyping Clowney's physical prowess: by comparing him to another sport's Adonis-like phenom.

It doesn't seem like NFL fans will ever have their "LeBron James as a dominant tight end" fantasies fulfilled, so they may have to settle for watching Clowney use his own remarkable athleticism to chase opposing quarterbacks.