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South Carolina Stars Deebo Samuel, Skai Moore Cleared In Assault Case

Skai Moore and Deebo Samuel, two star players for South Carolina football, have been cleared of involvement in an assault at a Columbia bar last weekend.

Moore and Samuel were named as people involved in the alleged assault earlier this week, but today, police said that Samuel was not at the Five Points Saloon, the bar where the incident took place, and while Moore was present, he was not involved. Former South Carolina player Jalen Dread is wanted in connection to the assault, and is being searched for by local police.

From The State:

Deebo Samuel, a junior wide receiver for the Gamecocks football team, was not at the bar when the event happened, but he was in Five Points, Columbia Police spokesperson Jennifer Timmons said Saturday.

Skai Moore, a USC senior linebacker, was present, but did not participate in the assault.

A 24-year-old man reported that about 2:45 a.m. on April 29 a phone was knocked from his hand in Five Points Saloon. The three accused men denied they were responsible but “became agitated,” the police report states. The confrontation escalated into the man who complained being punched in the face several times, the police document states.

Samuel is one of South Carolina's top playmakers on offense, with 881 total offensive yards and seven touchdowns on the season. Moore sat out last season due to injury, but in 2015, was a top defensive player for the Gamecocks, leading the team with 111 tackles and four interceptions. The two players being cleared in this case will definitely come as a major relief for Gamecock fans.

[The State]

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