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South Carolina Football Leads Nation In Fan Ejection Rate

Not the best statistic to lead the country in.

South Carolina football is having a fine season, as the Gamecocks currently sit at 5-2, but you'd be hard-pressed to find them leading the nation in anything, whether it's passing yards, rushing yards, or points per game.

There is, however, one statistic they lead the country in, albeit a less than glamorous one.

South Carolina currently leads the nation in fan ejection rate, with about one fan getting ejected per 1,000 fans. In fact, there have been 496 ejections on the year, which blows every other school out of the water.

Wisconsin comes in second with just 344 ejections. Weak.

Here's the top 11:

Oregon State has the 4th highest Fan Ejection Rate in the country

Everyone likes to brag that their school has the best fans, and while these numbers don't necessarily suggest South Carolina has the best fans (it might actually makes them the worst?), it definitely tells us that South Carolina has one of the rowdiest fan bases. Whether that's good or bad is up to you.