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South Carolina Is Trolling Fans Who Want Gamecocks To Wear Black Uniforms Saturday

South Carolina takes on Tennessee this Saturday night in a game that could wind up going a long way in determining whether the Gamecocks will be bowl eligible at the end of the season. Tuesday, at least for an hour or two, it sounded like the school was going to liven the atmosphere and bring back its alternate black uniforms for the contest. That's what defensive end Gerald Dixon said, anyway.

">October 28, 2014

But soon after, the school's equipment Twitter account refuted the claim. It also started toying with Gamecocks fans who were supportive of the idea.

According to SDS, South Carolina hasn't worn black jerseys since 2011, and has only donned them seven times since Steve Spurrier took over as head coach. Unless the school just really wants to mess with fans, it doesn't look like Saturday will be the eighth.