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South Carolina's A.J. Cann Suggests That College Players Would Play Harder If They Were Paid

It is one of the hottest topics in college sports, so any big media event, like this week's SEC Media Days, will bring questions about paying college athletes. While most players and coaches, depending on their level of candor, will dance around this delicate subject, South Carolina's A.J. Cann seems to take after his head coach Steve Spurrier a bit. 

The All-SEC guard and Gamecocks captain was asked about how college athletes would react to being paid, and he believes it would improve the quality of play.

While its easy to argue that players are already playing for a contract, as their play in college has a major impact on getting drafted in the NFL, paying college players could also keep some in school longer. so Cann may be right, if a bit indirectly. For more from Cann, here is his press conference: